Tuesday, 2 October 2007

It's all getting a bit much

I accept that this blog is getting a little dull as I shamelessly pad it with links, youtube videos and suchlike. But I am really quite stupidly busy at the moment. Started back at college on Monday and straight in there with a bit of CPR and tomorrow, it's ethics and logicandmetaphysics. No wonder I have caught another cold.

I'm also very busy making friends on something called Facebook. God what a marvellous way to waste time that is. But don't you just want to know the status of your friends minute by minute. And then there's the desperate search for more friends so you don't look like a complete saddo.

Next up, second life I guess. Apprarently CILIP the august professional body to which I subscribe have started having their meetings there. I wonder if librarians are allowed to do it in work time.