Monday, 2 May 2016

The Dulwich Diverter arrives in a (Goose Green) roundabout kind of way

In case it's passed you by,  Dulwich is getting its own free paper, due to come out this Thursday 5th May, coincidentally the same day as the elections for the London Mayor and London Assembly.

A bunch of copies of the Dulwich Diverter have been distributed in advance – to Rye Books (pictured), CafĂ© Viva,  Franklins, the Palmerston, Roullier White and perhaps other places besides. As far as we know, it's been produced by the same people responsible for the Peckham Peculiar, and without giving too much away, the Dulwich sibling has the same high production values and focus on decent writing.

Anything that helps local businesses and community organisations in the area can only be a good thing. Unless of course it's a bad thing, in which case it isn't.

But looking at the first edition, which even includes our name as one of the backers of the publication, we have to say isn't bad at all. We at East of Dulwich have always welcomed competition to our leap-yearly online journal (next post due out in early 2020, subject to remembering our password).

And so we would like to take this opportunity to wish the Dulwich Diverter, its staff and contributers the very best of luck with their worthy enterprise.