Sunday, 19 September 2010

Paper cuts

Heading East from East of Dulwich, one arrives in another of South East London's hidden gems, the hamlet of Brockley. It's always been one of those parts of London that you can't quite remember where it is but maybe with the advent of the London Overground Dalston Junction to Crystal Palace Line, now known as the Culture Line, all that looks set to change.

At the moment there's at leat one good reason to go there and that's an exhibition Tree Paper Tree at Brockley Mess, by artist Jane Jones. It's a small space and Jones has filled it with quite remarkable collages using what seems to be paper cut from magazines, creating intricate mosaics of trees, flowers, and people. Different shades and colours are used to skilfully produce the impression of aerial perspective. But in case this sounds 'clever but so what?', there is something sensitive and subtly sensual about Jones' response to the forms she depicts. And you really have to see them in the flesh, look up close and personal before moving slowly backwards to really appreciate how delightfully they work.

Tree Paper Tree is at CueB Gallery at the Brockley Mess, 325b Brockley Road, SE4 2QZ. Ends 14th October

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