Thursday, 26 July 2007

Island Life

Just slipped into Uusikaupunki library for a 15 minute slot. We're out on the island where Kaarina's family have their kesamöki (summer-cottage). Weather variable but it's so, so, so wonderful to be there. Just to sit on the seat outside the sauna, sipping Sandells beer after a cool dip to rinse away twelvemonths city grime sweated out by steaming my body 100 degree heat feels like all is well with the world. Like coming home.

Between saunas, have been eating, reading (Aristotle, Mika Walteri's The Egyptian Stenibeck's Tortilla Flat) and even sleeping. It never stops.

Brought a new jar of Marmite with me which as everybody knows creates (when eaten) a body odour which repels mosquitos. However, there´s little need as the cool, windy weather seems to have reduced their numbers. Still, can´t be too careful.

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