Friday, 20 July 2007

Welcome, Bienvenue, Tervetuloa!

If you've followed me here from the former bl@g site East of Dulwich, well I admire your tenacity. If you scroll back (or should that be down) you'll find that there's a whole load of stuff you've missed.

But here I am at waterlogged Heathrow Terminal 1 waiting for a delayed flight to the fair city of Helsinki. The picture shows the crates put out to catch the water dripping throught the ceiling.

For those who have followed me from the early days (Hello Mum!), this will be a kind of nostalgic return to the former glory of the blog I kept during my three month sojourn back in 2004...when most people thought that a blog was a form of footwear, or the Yorkshire pronunciation of "black".

If you’re heading to an airport this weekend, pack a thick book (although you can buy them there from a limited selection at W H Smith). You’ll be standing in queues and doing lots of waiting around, well even more than usual. Kaarina suggested on the way over that in the fast moving society that we’ve grown so used to, this kind of delay and inconvenience is really going to make Climate Change hurt the rich North as well as the poor South. But I think that the need to maintain economic confidence, not to mention the degree of optimism that marketing people have to foster in order to expand sales, will always ensure that the Planet’s better-offs will find a way to ignore reality.

If consumption is causing climate chaos, the only thing to do to numb the pain is…consume more!

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