Saturday, 2 June 2007

Missing: one memory

I really can't remember when the local Sikh Gurdwara held a procession and festival in celebration of the anniversary of one of the great gurus.

I seem to be losing my memory. And although I went down to Barry Road and watched these people joyfully assert their faith, even in punishing rain, I just can't find the record, written in the logbook of my mind as to when this happened.

Please click on the following video reconstruction...

Sikh Festival in Lordship Lane

...if this has jogged your memory, maybe you could help me with mine.

(By the way, if you've seen a lost youth prowling the streets of South London, it's probably mine.)

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Anonymous said...

I have your memories...if you don't want anything to happen to them, do exactly as I say... not go to the not try and find me...I will find you.