Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Wanted: 3 interesting facts about East of Dulwich

I'd never heard the expression until yesterday, when I managed to get myself "tagged" by Antarctic House Husband. What this means apparently is that I now have to list 8 "interesting" facts about myself.

I have never made any secret about the fact that East is a fictional character (as is, of course Mr Brad Eastman, despite his rather pathetic claims to the contrary). I (the character formally know as Mr Eastofeastofeastofdulwich) on the other hand am totally made up, a fabrication, a chimera, an unreliable narrator. This is fortunate. It saves me a great deal of trouble. I don't need to transcend the boundaries of the self for one simple reason. I have none.

But I digress. Mr HH has tagged not me but East of Dulwich and as such it has not taken up too much revision time to come up with 5 false facts about this character (sorry to those of you who like verisimilitude). However, I still have three remaining and in the interests of something called "Web Two Point Zero" I would like to invite you, as the sole "real" reader of the East of Dulwich series to contribute one of them. This is not a competition, as you (you know who you are) are the only contestant.

Here's a sample to get you going:

(1) I [East of Dulwich] was born closer to the end of the First World War than to the end of the War in Iraq (2003 - ).

Please leave your suggestions as comments to this post. Closing date 3am GMT, 13th June 2007. Abnormal competition rules apply


Omega Mum said...

You seem to be a paradox wrapped in an enigma etc etc. Do tell more...!

East of Dulwich said...

Hi ΩM,

I think it was Churchill who first coined the phrase "a mystery wrapped in an enigma" to describe Russia. I'm really not (quite) so cold...